Increase Renevue

America’s #1 National Flooring Brand
Let the Color Tile brand work for you

Showroom Merchandising Solutions
Beautiful, coordinating displays full of private labeled products

Comprehensive Promotional Programs
Professionally designed ads and managed promotional calendar

Better Rebates
Our rebate program puts money back in your pocket

Decrease Cost of Goods

Strategic Supplier Partnerships
Take advantage of our experience and relationships with suppliers across the country

Core Product Strategy
We frequently analyze product and consumer trends to develop the best product mix

Consolidated Buying Power
Better pricing on more products you carry

Streamline Operations

Professional Resources
Accomplish your goals using the resources and expertise of the CarpetsPlus Color Tile staff

Network with other Business Owners
We bring our members together for strategic discussion on improving business. Benefit from other members’ business knowledge and find out how they have dealt with similar situations you face on a daily basis

Value-Added Programs
We offer our members these additional benefits to save them time and money

Featured Programs